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The breathtaking North Shore of Oahu is home to beautiful beaches, monumental surfing, and now, a Ragnar Trail Relay! Happening on April 21-22, at Turtle Bay Resort, Ragnar Trail North Shore Oahu-HI presented by Salomon is a chance to experience the magic of a Ragnar Trail Relay in an exotic place that features the most awe-inspiring wonders Mother Nature has to offer. 


Ragnar Trail Relays are like a cross between a festival, trail running race, and a camping trip (where no one actually sleeps). Teams of 8 (or ultra teams of 4 runners) come together to conquer a series of three trails, or “loops” that start and stop at Ragnar Village from Friday, into the night, and ending on Saturday. Located at Turtle Bay Resort, your team will run relay-style on trails that twist, swoop and climb through a lush jungle, and along white sand beaches. When you’re not running, you’ll experience the party-vibe at Ragnar Village complete with camping, s’mores, hammocks, plush grass, and magical views.


A Ragnar Trail Relay is a different kind of running experience. You, and your team, get more bang for your buck than any other event out there. We promise 30-ish hours of unforgettable trail running, sweet gear and some of the best views on the planet.

It isn't just a few hours on the course, you get to enjoy Turtle Bay Resort for two days and one night. Enjoy endless coffee, s'mores and a runner-friendly dinner in Ragnar Village Friday night. We've also created the best da*m race medal and shirt that we could dream up.

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The Ragnar Trail race shirt isn't some cheap technical material that will just end up in the back of a drawer. It's a comfy blend with a design that you'll be proud to wear to your sister's wedding.

As for the medal, well, this is a medal that can help you survive a week alone in the wilderness.  This is a medal that could (slowly) cut down a small-sized tree. This is a medal that embodies your accomplishment and will inspire awe and jealousy at the same time. This is the Trail Multi-Tool Medal. Ragnar instituted the medal/bottle opener idea, so we took it to the most unreasonable extreme and we could think of. What have is the coolest thing to ever come out of the Ragnar Design Mad-Scientist Laboratory.

Due to the design of this medal, you cannot in any circumstance put it in your carry-on luggage. TSA won’t like that at all.  Make sure you declare it in your checked baggage. Don’t even think about putting it in a carry-on. Seriously. There is a very pointy end. We’ll have some shipping envelopes available for purchase at the Ragnar Gear store so you can mail it to yourself after the race if you prefer.  After that, we hope it will help equip you for your greatest adventures.

Ragnarians aren’t content with mediocrity and we wouldn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary when it goes to awards.  Wear them with pride Ragnarians.

*Kama’aina discounted rate available only to legal residents of Hawaii. Credit cards must have a valid Hawaii billing address. Registrants who use a payment method without a valid Hawaii zip code will be retroactively charged the difference between kama’aina rate and regular registration prices.

REGISTER NOW (Kama'aina rate*)